About Me

Welcome to my art page. 

I believe is that everyone has the potential of seeing wonderful worlds in their imagination. I want to help you create these worlds within your mind. 

I started out by doodling during classes on the desks in school. After a while the teachers gave up on scolding me for not paying attention in class. They just started asking if I could draw on paper instead. I kept on doodling on lined notebooks for many years, until I moved to USA to study.

My roommate Christopher Bantum, an art major, praised me and suggested that I should do these doodles for real. So he took me to an art store and we bought white drawing paper and color pencils. From that day my life path was set, pen and paper will always be in my life

Inspiration in my life: 

Thank you Chris for believing in me. :) 

Thank you to my dear niece Astrid for the art play we do. It keeps my creativity floating. 

And lastly, thank you to my dear wife Sylwia for always being by my side and pushing me to try new things. 

Yours sincerely,